The Dubra lab is part of the Byers Eye Institute and the Ophthalmology Department at Stanford University. We seek to reveal ocular, vascular, neurodegenerative and systemic diseases through novel optical ophthalmic imaging technologies. Our work is motivated by the personal interactions with research study volunteers and patients that we have been fortunate to have worked with.

Our current projects are focused on instrumentation for non-invasive visualization of retinal structure and function at a microscopic scale. We pursue this through a multidisciplinary approach that integrates optics, computer science, vision science, electrical engineering and other engineering disciplines. The major focus of our work is technology translation and dissemination which is furthered through collaboration with a remarkable group of scientists and clinicians at various institutions. This collaborative approach allows us to collectively develop methods for early diagnosis, precise monitoring of disease progression, evaluation of novel treatments, and improved understanding of disease mechanisms.

We are grateful for the support of current and previous sponsors that make our work possible.

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